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Contra Costa County Election Information


Contra Costa Elections office:      (925) 335-7800.

League of Women Voters:  

Early voting info:                  

California Secretary of State:

Key Election Dates:        

10/05/20                              Vote by Mail Mailing

10/19/20                              Registration Deadline*

10/27/20                              Last Day to Request a Vote by Mail Ballot

11/03/20                              Election Day

   Last Day to Return or Mail a Vote by Mail Ballot.

10/5/20 – 12/03/10         Processing & Counting of Ballots

12/03/20                              Certification  Deadline/Final Results transmitted.


*If you do not make the registration deadline, you can go to your polling place on November 3 and ask for a provisional ballot and then fill out the registration form.

Voting Options:

  • Mail-In Ballot

    • Mark your ballot and then place it in the postage-paid return envelope

    • Ballots must be postmarked by Nov 3rd or returned to a drop box before 8 pm on Nov 3rd

      • Not sure of your signature, call CC Elections Office at (925) 335-7800

    • Mail ballot back or take to a Secure Ballot Box listed below.  

      • Drop boxes are open and available 24/7 from October 5, 2020 until 8pm on Election Day, November 3, 2020. 

      • Secure Ballot Boxes are collected daily by two deputized employees and sealed in secure containers during transport.

      • The box weighs 500 pounds and is constructed from ¼” steel mounted on a heavy-duty steel post that is bolted into the ground. The design of the opening will prevent tampering or retrieval of envelopes. Each box is inspected daily for damage or evidence of tampering.

  • In Person

    • October 30, 31 November 2 at Regional Early Voting Sites listed below, or on November 3rd at the polling place listed on your ballot. 

    • Provisional Ballot:  If your name is not on the roster at your polling place, you have the right to cast a provisional ballot.  You receive the same ballot, but instead of being counted immediately a ballot cast provisionally is put in an envelope and reviewed to verify eligibility before being counted.  

  • You can check if your ballot was received online:



Regional Early Voting Sites Hours and Locations:

Friday, October 30           11am – 7pm

Saturday, October 31      9am - 5pm

Monday, November 2    11am – 7pm


Antioch:               Antioch Water Park                                         470l Lone Tree Way

                                Somersville Town Center                              2550 Somersville Rd.


Brentwood:        Cornerstone Fellowship                                6641 Lone Tree Way


Oakley:                Best Western Plus Delta Inn                        5549 Bridgehead Rd.


Local drop box locations:

Antioch:               Antioch City Hall                                               200 H Street

Antioch Community Center                         4703 Lone Tree Way


Brentwood:        Brentwood City Hall                                         150 City Park Way


Discovery Bay: Discovery Bay Yacht Club                              5871 Marina Rd.


Oakley:                 Oakley City Hall                                                 3231 Main St.


Pittsburg:            Pittsburg Unified School District                 2000 Railroad Ave.


Polling Places open on November 3 from 7am to 8pm:


Antioch:               Antioch Middle School                                                   1500  D St.

Antioch Water Park                                                         4701 Lone Tree Way

Black Diamond Middle School                                     4730 Sterling Hill Dr.

Carmen Dragon Elementary                                        4721 Vista Grande Dr.

Dallas Ranch Middle School                                         1401 Mt. Hamilton Dr.

Golden Hills Community Church -Antioch               1800 Woodland Dr.

Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch                             3415 Oakley Rd.

John Muir Elementary-Antioch                                  615 Greystone Dr.

Lone Tree Elementary School                                      1931 Mokelumne Dr.

Nick Rodriguez Community Center                           213 F St.

Opportunity Junction                                                     3102 Delta Fair Blvd.

Rio Grande Chapel –LDS                                                3015 Rio Grande Dr.

Somersville Town Center                                              2550 Somersville Rd.

St. John’s Lutheran Church                                           1360 E. Tregallas Rd.

Bethel Island:    Scout Hall                                                                            3090 Ranch Ln.

Brentwood:        Brentwood Bible Fellowship                                        3415 Walnut Blvd.

Brentwood Community Center                                  35 Oak St.

Club Los Meganos                                                           1700 Trilogy Pkwy.

Cornerstone Fellowship-Brentwood                        6641 Lone Tree Way

Golden Hills Community Church-Brentwood        2401 Shady Willow Ln.

McClarren Chapel – LDS                                                1101 McClarren Rd.

The Rock Church-Brentwood                                      1770 Adams Ln.




Byron:                   Excelsior School                                                                14401 Byron Hwy.


Discovery Bay:  Town of Discovery Bay Community Center            1601 Discovery Bay Blvd.


Knightsen:          Knightsen Elementary                                                    1923 Delta Rd.


Oakley:                Best Western Plus Delta Inn                                        5549 Bridgehead Rd.

Freedom High School                                                     1050 Neroly Rd.

Laurel Ridge Community Church                                2459 Laurel Rd.

O’Hara Park Middle School                                           1100 O’Hara Ave.


Pittsburg:            Delta View Elementary                                                  2916 Rio Verde Dr.

Filipino-American Association Cultural Center     345 Central Ave.

Golf Club Rd Chapel – LDS                                             2201 Golf Club Rd.

Grace Lutheran Church                                                  195 Alvarado Ave.

Mehran Restaurant                                                         3841 Railroad Ave.

New Destiny Church                                                       1411 E. Leland Rd.

Pittsburg City Hall                                                             65 Civic Ave.

Pittsburg Youth Development Center                      1001 Stoneman Ave.

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