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Our goal in starting this club was to have a vehicle where we could provide activism opportunities for members of our community who share our values of Inclusion, Equity, Justice, Compassion, and Environmental Protection.



Our objectives are to: 

  • To contribute to the growth and influence of the Democratic Party, by building and organizing capable and experienced leaders and volunteers.

  • Foster Democratic ideals by:  stimulating an active interest in the Democratic Party; contributing to party leadership and responsibility; providing constructive roles for volunteers in Democratic politics; and promoting an active base.

  • Publicize and support endorsed candidates and causes with an aggressive campaign. 

  • Obtain charter from the Contra Costa County Democratic Party. 

  • Maintain communication with our local city and county and state representatives for the purpose of encouraging Democratic views and goals and to disseminate information from those representatives to our members.


We will achieve these objectives through:

  • a) Voter education  b) Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team  c) Fundraising  d) Political and social events e) Candidate recruitment and support f) Party platform support g) Club programs and speakers h) Local, county and state Party involvement i) Input to/from candidates and incumbents j) Community outreach k) Endorsing Candidates l) Media engagement    m) Communication with members on local, state and national Issues


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