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Monthly Meeting
Sunday April 16th
2 to 4
Zoom Only


Zoom Link 

Guest Speaker


Barbara Lee

Thank you to our March Guest Speakers

Shoshana Wechsler

Sunflower Alliance

Banning Oil/Gas Drilling



Jovita Mendoza

Brentwood City Council Member


SB9 Allows Multistory Housing to be Built Next Door to You

with NO City Oversite

What Can Be Done?


Congratulations to our Winning Candidates


Josh Harder

Congressman 9th District

Mark Desaulnier 

 Congressman 10th District

John Garamendi

Congressman 8th District


Monica Wilson * City Council Dist 4

Tamisha Torres-Walker * City Council Dist 2 

Dr.  Jag Lanthan*  AUSD Area 2 


Patanisha David Pierson * City Council District 2


Byron Union School Board

Lucy Rodriguez*

Contra Costa County

Annette Lewis*

Contra Costa Board of Education, Area 5

Mark Foley*

BART District 2

Colin Coffee*

East Bay Park, Region 7

* Marsh Creek Dem Member


Our  members and have identified the following issues for research and possible action.  Starred topics have papers available.  Just click.



If you are interested in helping develop papers on any of these issues, e-mail Issues Chair, Bill Nusbaum at 

Thank you to our February
Guest Speakers

Marivel Mendoza-Matheu
Jessica Linares-Boyle


Hijas delCampo 

Hijas Del Campo is a Contra Costa County grass roots organization that aims to help migrant and seasonal farmworkers improve their working conditions, health, and safety. Their goals are to ensure that every farm worker has access to legal and labor education. This is a way for us to create a world in which farming is not only a viable career, but also a way to preserve ancestral lands, heritage, and lifestyles.
Hijas del Campo (Daughters of the Field) was founded by four daughters of immigrants and farmworkers.  
They support 200+ families
To Donate or Volunteer, Click on this link 

2022 Election
Marsh Creek Dems
sent 16,000

Get Out the Vote
to Swing States 

100 Volunteers Made this Happen

We are now concentrating on state races including state supreme court judges, Attorney Generals, Governors....

To help e-mail

Democrats Deliver 

Through a difficult 2 years, Democrats made historic progress … together with the continued heroism of our nurses, doctors, front line workers, first responders, and educators.

  • Passed a near $2 trillion rescue package, followed up with a major infrastructure bill;

  • More confirmed judges than any president at the same point in his presidency;

  • America created 5.9 million jobs — the most ever in one year — and unemployment dropped to 4.2 percent;

  • Every American, age five and over, can access a free, life-saving COVID vaccine;

  • And Biden accomplished all of the above with the narrowest congressional majority in history while the opposing party is unwilling to admit to the legitimacy of his election.

2022 Executive Board

President - Shannon Skinner

Vice President - Carolina Villaseca

Secretary - 

Treasurer - Thuy DaoJensen

Publicity Chair - Carolina Villaseca

Precinct Captain Chair - Carolina Villaseca

Voter Outreach Chair - Linda Smith

Issues Chair - Bill Nusbaum

Elections Chair - Valerie Thurston

Membership Co-Chairs - Elinor Bell &   Linda Smith

Past President - Don Smith

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