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October 17th  2 to 4

Guest Speaker


Diana Becton

Contra Costa County District Attorney


"Changes under her Leadership and Plans for the Future"






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Implicit Racism - Introspection Pt 2
Video from Robin D'Angelo
"White Fragility"

Issues Committee Report
Money in Politics

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Thank you Congressman McNerney for sponsoring 

Wildfire Preparedness Town Hall    


Notes from July 18th Meeting

Dr. Robin DiAngelo via video

Implicit Racism
Internal Retrospection Deconstructing White Privilege

Click the above link for the video
Thank you to Michael Dupray for
his personal reflections 

Suggested Readings on Implicit Racism

  1. White Fragility by  Dr. Robin DiAngelo

  2. Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen

  3. The Myth of Race by Robert Wald Sussman

  4. Lynching Lynchism by Terri Strong

  5. Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization By Anthony T. Browder

  6. Harvard Implicit Project

  7. Nice Racism by Dr. Robin DiAngelo

  8. A People's History of the United State by Howard Zinn


Our Issues Committee, Executive Board,  members and supporters have identified the following issues for research and possible action.  Starred topics have papers available.  Just click.


  • Healthcare
  • Climate Change
  • Pandemic Economic Recovery
  • Systemic Racism
  • Domestics Terrorism*
  • Voting Rights - Voter Suppression
  • Gun Control
  • Political Justice 
  • Money in Politics Powerpoint & Full Report 
  •  Gerrymandering, Voting Rights, Voter Suppression, National Popular Vote)


  • Fire & Emergency
  • Homelessness
  • Social Justice Reforms
  • Zoning and City Growth
  • Business Development
  • Newsom Recall
If you are interested in helping develop papers on any of these issues, e-mail Issues Chair, Bill Nusbaum at 
2021 Executive Board

President - Shannon Skinner

Vice President - Harry Thurston

Secretary - Barbara Coffman

Treasurer - Thuy DaoJensen

Publicity Chair - Carolina Villaseca

Swing Left Chair - Doug McClelland

Precinct Captain Chair - Carolina Villaseca

Voter Outreach Chair - Linda Smith

Issues Chair - Bill Nusbaum

Elections Chair - Valerie Thurston

Membership Chair - Doug McClelland & Linda Smith

Past President - Don Smith

Congressman McNerney Canvasses NO on Recall

Marsh Creek Dems
Wrote 1800 + Postcards
Delivered 1000 Door Hangers
E-mailed 6000 Dems
Sent 1000 Texts

Encouraging Democratic Votes to Vote NO on Recall
Congrats to All Who Helped

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Coffee & Chat
Thank you to our June Guest Speakers

Shoshana Wechsler & Charlie Davidson

Sunflower Alliance

for enlightening us on

Oil & Gas Extraction Issues


East County

16 OUT OF 18

MCDC Endorsed Candidates WIN


Jerry McNerney



Lamar Thorpe * Mayor

Tamisha Torres-Walker 

City Council Dist 1 

Monica Wilson * City Council Dist 4

Ellie Householder * Clerk

Antonio Hernandez AUSD Area 1 


Jovita Mendoza *City Council Dist 1

Susannah Meyer *City Council Dist 3 

Thuy DaoJensen * BUSD 

Stephanie Williams-Rogers BUSD

Tamela Hawley *LUSD

Yolanda  C. Mendrek  *LUSD

Oakley & Bethel Island

Angela Lowrey * Ironhouse Sanitary

Dawn Morrow * Ironhouse Sanitary

Contra Costa County

Antonio Martinez *

Contra Costa Water Board District 4

Fernando Sandoval *

Community College - Ward 5

* Marsh Creek Dem Member

*** Brentwood School Board Meeting on Thursday,  August 18th  at 7: 00 will hear comments on returning to school andfollowing County COVID guidelines.