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Zoom Meeting

October 18th

2 to 4 pm

Growing Up Black



Changing the Conversation Surrounding Race & Education

Guest Speaker

Ariel Ryan

Contra Costa County

Election Information

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Issues Committee

Research on Members`

Top Issues 

1. Defeat Trump 

2. Health Care 

3. Climate Change  

4. Election Security       

5. Immigration Reform & Border Security

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Join us first Saturday of the month at 10:30 to help expand our research to cover Gun Control & Social Justice Issues

2020 Executive Board

President - Donald Smith

Vice President - Shannon Skinner

Secretary - Linda Smith

Treasurer - Thuy DaoJensen

Publicity Chair - Carolina Villaseca

Swing Left Chair - Doug McClelland

Precinct Captain Chair - Harry Thurston

Membership Chair - Asqual  Teferi

Issues & Legislative Chair - Susan Burleson

Elections Chair - Valerie Thurston

MCDC Endorsements

Jerry McNerney



Lamar Thorpe * Mayor

Tamisha Torres City Council Dist 1 

Tony Tiscareno  City Council Dist 2

Monica Wilson * City Council Dist 4

Ellie Householder Clerk

Antonio Hernandez AUSD Area 1 

Crystal Sawyer White AUSD Area 3


Karen Rarey Mayor 

Jovita Mendoza *City Council Dist 1

Susannah Meyer City Council Dist 3 

Thuy DaoJensen * BUSD 

Stephanie Williams-Rogers BUSD

Tamela Hawley LUSD

Yolanda  C. Mendrek LUSD


Conan Moats City Council

Oakley & Bethel Island

Angela Lowrey * Ironhouse Sanitary

Dawn Morrow * Ironhouse Sanitary

Contra Costa County

Benjamin Kellogg 

East CC Fire District

Antonio Martinez 

Contra Costa Water Board District 4

Fernando Sandoval *

Community College - Ward 5

* Marsh Creek Dem Member

Text Bank

Write Letters

Phone Bank

Precinct Captain

What Can I do to Help Defeat Trump


is NOT

a spectator sport

In this time of social distancing, we want to make sure we keep in touch, so we are hosting daily Virtual Coffee and Chat at 2:00 each day.

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