380 W Country Club Dr., Brentwood

Off of Balfour, near Heritage HS

Next Meeting

February 16th

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Mountain Mike's Pizza


March 3rd Election

Proposition J - Monica Wilson, Antioch City Council

BART Update - Mark Foley

Director BART Board

Text Banking

March 3rd Primary



Board of Supervisors District 3 -

Diane Burgis*

State Senate, District 7: 

Marisol Rubio*

Democratic Central Committee - (Four Seats)

Thuy DaoJensen*, 

Debra Vinson, Nichole Gardner, Warren Lutz

Board of Supervisors District 5

Federal Glover

* Marsh Creek Dem Member

Attn: Members

Priority Issues


The Issues Committee has prepared 3 documents outlining 3 of the 5 priority issues:

Please click on the links below

  1. MC Dems Strategies to BEAT Donald Trump

  2. Health Care 2020

  3. Dem Candidates Positions on Climate Change

Coming Soon:

  4. Voting and Election Security

  5. Immigration and Border Security

Issues Committee meets the first Sunday of the month at 12:30.  We welcome new committee members.  RSVP to MarshCreekDems.org for details.

We sent 4800 letters so far to Get Out The Vote and Voter Registration in the Super states



Letter Writing starts NOW

Saturday, Feb 8th & 23rd 12 to 2


RSVP to Valerie for directions

(925) 550-9107

Every other Wednesday from 10 to 12

Feb 12th & 26th in Brentwood

RSVP for directions:


Tracy Canvassing 

Keep Central Valley Blue

Feb 15, 22, 23, and Feb 9, March 2 & 3




Voter Registration in Fresno

March 15th and 16th

Doug has arranged lodging for 3!!

Impact Your Neighborhood, City, County NOW

Join Our Precinct Taskforce

Walk your Neighborhood

Make a difference

We provide training and mentoring

To Volunteer, write MarshCreekDems@gmail.com


Thank You     

Brian Helmick

East Contra Costa Fire Chief for sharing your expertise with us


Marsh Creek Swing Left


Swing Left's goal is to retake the White House, flip the Senate, keep the House and make sure fair District maps are drawn after the 2020 Census.  They are focusing on 11 Super States :  AZ, CO, WI, MI, OH, PA, ME, NC, GA, FL and TX to accomplish these goals.

Marsh Creek Dems are going to concentrate on these states and use our resources to add to theirs.

Thank You

Supervisor Diane Burgis

for sharing your ideas and passions at our December meeting

Monica Wilson, Antioch City Council Member, Supervisor Diane Burgis and Sue Higgins, Oakley City Council Member share ideas after the meeting. 

Come Join Us

Regular Meetings

3rd Sunday of each Month:  

Feb 16 - March 15 - April 19

2:00 Meeting

3:00 Activism

2020 Executive Board

President - Donald Smith

Vice President - Shannon Skinner

Secretary - Linda Smith

Treasurer - Thuy DaoJensen

Publicity Chair - Carolina Villaseca

Swing Left Chair - Doug McClelland

Precinct Captain Chair - Harry Thurston

Membership Chair - Asqual  Teferi

Harry Thurston, Marsh Creek Dem Member, Receives NAACP 2019 Community service Award for Political Action! 

Congratulations to Harry, Dr. Carrie Frazier and Rev. Smith