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Zoom Meeting

January 17th

2 to 4 pm

Guest Speaker



Diana Becton

Contra Costa County District Attorney

Monthly Meetings
Every 3rd Sunday 2 to 4

April 10th 

2 to 4

Guest Speaker
Brentwood Police Chief
Tom Hansen


Thank You

Tamisha Torres Walker





Executive Director Safe Return

for sharing the challenges of bringing racial justice to East Contra Costa County

Club Elections

January 17th 

President, Vice President,

Secretary and Treasurer

 Click here for 

Roles and Responsibilities 

if you would like to run,

click Here for

Intent to Run

Intent to Run forms are due

January 4, 2021

Thank You

Congressman Jerry McNerney 

for sharing your insight into our National Issues at our April Meeting and representing us so well 

Thank you

Lamar Thorpe

Antioch City Council 


sharing your insights into the

challenges of creating change in

East County

Lamar Thorpe.jpg

Thank You

Victoria Adams

President East County NAACP

for being the guest speaker at our first online general meeting! Victoria spoke on the goals and issues of the NAACP at the national, state and local levels including the 2020 NAACP theme of unification and collaboration.  Thanks to Monica Wilson, Antioch City Council Member for attending and being part of the conversation.

MCDC Endorsements

Jerry McNerney



Lamar Thorpe * Mayor

Tamisha Torres City Council Dist 1 

Tony Tiscareno  City Council Dist 2

Monica Wilson * City Council Dist 4

Ellie Householder Clerk

Antonio Hernandez AUSD Area 1 

Crystal Sawyer White AUSD Area 3


Karen Rarey Mayor 

Jovita Mendoza *City Council Dist 1

Susannah Meyer City Council Dist 3 

Thuy DaoJensen * BUSD 

Stephanie Williams-Rogers BUSD

Tamela Hawley LUSD

Yolanda  C. Mendrek LUSD


Conan Moats City Council

Oakley & Bethel Island

Angela Lowrey * Ironhouse Sanitary

Dawn Morrow * Ironhouse Sanitary

Contra Costa County

Benjamin Kellogg 

East CC Fire District

Antonio Martinez 

Contra Costa Water Board District 4

Fernando Sandoval *

Community College - Ward 5

* Marsh Creek Dem Member

COVID Vaccination

NO Appointment

April 15th to 25th

Ages 16 and older

Antioch Community Center

4703 Lone Tree Way   Open 9 to 4

Thank you Congressman McNerney for sponsoring 

Wildfire Preparedness Town Hall    


Donations Always Needed

Hijas Del Campo is a Contra Costa County grass roots organization that aims to help migrant and seasonal farmworkers improve their working conditions, health, and safety. Their goals are to ensure that every farm worker has access to legal and labor education. This is a way for us to create a world in which farming is not only a viable career, but also a way to preserve ancestral lands, heritage, and lifestyles.  MCDC Member Marivel Mendoza-Matheu,  is a Founding member.  

There are several ways to help them.

1. Amazaon Gift List for Farmworkers

2. Donations - Venmo - @HijasDelCampo2020

3.                   HDC 2021 Christmas Ornament


Starting March 8th

If you're running for office, thinking of running for office, or looking to strengthen your tools for helping campaigns, join us for our election training series!  Click HERE for more information.  

Notes from Previous Meetings


Thanks to Our November Speaker 

Rev. Will McGarvey
How to Talk to the Other Side Without Being Combative

Dr. Robin DiAngelo via video

Implicit Racism
Internal Retrospection

Deconstructing White Privilege


Implicit Racism - Introspection Pt 2
Thank you to Michael Dupray for
his personal reflections 

Suggested Readings on Implicit Racism

  1. White Fragility by  Dr. Robin DiAngelo

  2. Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen

  3. The Myth of Race by Robert Wald Sussman

  4. Lynching Lynchism by Terri Strong

  5. Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization By Anthony T. Browder

  6. Harvard Implicit Project

  7. Nice Racism by Dr. Robin DiAngelo

  8. A People's History of the United State by Howard Zinn

Our February Speaker's Presentation
Homeless in Contra Cost County
Jaime  Jenette
Community Engagement Specialist

Proposition Recommendations

1  - YES    26 - NO    27 - NO
28 - Yes     29 - NO     30 - NO
31 - YES
Measure Q - YES

Click to Read
Issues Committee Analysis

Primary Endorsements

U.S. House of Representatives, 8th District  Congressman John Garamendi 

Contra Costa County District Attorney
Diana Becton

Contra Costa County Assessor
Floy Andrews 

Contra Costa County Sheriff
Benjamin Therriault 

County Superintendent of Schools
Lynn Mackey 

MCDC Endorsements

Click on the Candidate's Name to reach their website and DONATE.

Josh Harder

Congressman 9th District

Mark Desaulnier 

 Congressman 10th District

John Garamendi

Congressman 8th District


Monica Wilson * City Council Dist 4

Tamisha Torres-Walker* City Council Dist 2 

Dr.  Jag Lanthan*  AUSD Area 2 

Dominique LaToya King* AUSD Area 5


Patanisha Davis Pierson

City Council Dist 2

Jacob Singh* City Council Dist 4

Liberty Union HS District

Darlene Weaver Area 4

Dante Ross Area 3

Byron Union School Board

Lucy Rodriguez*

Contra Costa County

Annette Lewis*

Contra Costa Board of Education, Area 5

Mark Foley*

BART District 2

Colin Coffee*

East Bay Park, Region 7

* Marsh Creek Dem Member

Stop By
and Say Hi

We're Outside

Most Saturdays from 9 to 11
In Front of Bank of America

Donate where your Money will make a difference

The next 2 weeks are Crucial

  1. Locally:  All of the candidates on the right need donations to help them win and implement Democratic values locally.

  2. State & Nationally: focuses giving to to Democratic campaigns with a higher probability of success. Our site is 

Congressman McNerney Canvasses NO on Recall

Marsh Creek Dems
Wrote 1800 + Postcards
Delivered 1000 Door Hangers
E-mailed 6000 Dems
Sent 1000 Texts

Encouraging Democratic Votes to Vote NO on Recall
Congrats to All Who Helped

Coffee & Chat

Virtual Coffee and Chat
4th Saturday of the Month
10:00 AM
June 24
th & July 23rd


for Link!

Monthly Meeting


Sunday, March 17
2 - 4 PM

To see a list of past and future speakers, click HERE

Brentwood Community Center

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