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2024 Presidential Election

What Is At Stake?

Our Choice is either a democracy that is increasingly equitable and healthy or an oligarchy that embraces the values of the Dark Ages .

The Democratic Party is fighting for cleaner, sustainable environment, universal healthcare, economic justice, quality education for all, worker empowerment, greater safety from gun violence, compassionate and comprehensive immigration policy, and freedom of health choices and benefits for the public good.

The Trump-captured GOP will try to implement Project 2025, a plan created by a powerful, ultra-Conservative, billionaire-led coterie.   For starters, Project 2025 actions would result in loss of our democracy, increased income inequality, a nationwide ban on abortion, further erosion of human rights including marriage equality, more mass shootings, and accelerated rate of destruction of our environment.  You can see a more detailed summary of Project 2025 HERE.

Comparing the Candidates


The stark differences between Joe Biden and his GOP opponent are too numerous to list in this space.  Please click HERE to view a chart containing some of those differences.  Also, please click HERE to view a chart comparing their records on our economy.

Biden's Accomplishments


Even while conducting his campaign, Joe Biden and his administration advancing his vision and his mandate for the American people both at home and around the world by negotiating with Congress and foreign leaders and allies.  At the same time his administration is implementing programs that he has enacted since he was first elected President.  Click HERE to view a list of them.

Review President Biden's State of the Union Speech

Every Single Vote Matters


We need Democrat for every office.  The GOP doesn't play fair, so they need to be voted out at even local and state levels to preserve integrity and democracy.  HERE are some thoughts for every voter to remember.

Democrats Deliver 


Through a difficult 3 years, Democrats made historic progress … together with the continued heroism of our nurses, doctors, front line workers, first responders, and educators.

  • Passed a near $2 trillion rescue package, followed up with a major infrastructure bill;

  • More confirmed judges than any president at the same point in his presidency;

  • America created 13.2 million jobs — the most ever in one year — and unemployment dropped to 3.5 percent;

  • Every American, age five and over, can access a free, life-saving COVID vaccine;

  • And Biden accomplished all of the above with the narrowest congressional majority in history while the opposing party is unwilling to admit to the legitimacy of his election.

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